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Thank you to the many people, both members and non-members, who submitted abstracts for courses, presentations and posters for the 2018 ASIA Scientific Meeting. We actually received a record number of submissions this year! The program committee has completed the review process and is impressed with the overall quality of the abstracts. The conference program is being finalized. Our goal is to create a rich and diverse program that will benefit all disciplines working from bench to bedside with patients of all ages and to both early and late career professionals. Acceptance letters will be emailed to participants by the end of November. Stay tuned!

Congratulations to Dr. Mary Bartlett Bunge who, along with her late husband Dr. Richard Bunge, has been selected as the ASIA 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award. Mary Bartlett Bunge, PhD, is currently Professor of Cell Biology, Neurological Surgery, and Neurology and the Christine E. Lynn Distinguished Professor of Neuroscience at the Miller School of Medicine, working in The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis. Richard Bunge, MD spent his lifetime at the forefront of research efforts to understand and improve the processes of repair in the nervous system.  The Distinguished G. Heiner Sell Lectureship will be presented at the 2018 ASIA Annual Conference by William “Zev” Rymer, MD, PhD.  Dr. Rymer is Director of the Single Motor Unit Laboratory at the Shirley Ryan Ability Lab (formerly the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, RIC). Dr. Rymer has been a pioneer in adopting an integrative research approach to improve the lives of persons with spinal cord injury, combining aspects of bioengineering, neuroscience, neurology and physiology.

We are also excited to announce two internationally renowned plenary speakers for the 2018 conference.  Lisa Harvey, PhD, is a professor at John Walsh Centre for Rehabilitation Research at the Sydney Medical School in Australia and has over 20 years of experience as a clinician, researcher, author, and educator. Her work focuses on the effectiveness of different physical rehabilitation interventions for people with spinal cord injuries. Our second renowned international speaker, Wolfram Tetzlaff, MD, PhD, is the Director of ICORD in Vancouver, Canada.  His research includes early strategies for neuroprotection after SCI, neural repair mechanisms, and remyelination.

The program committee continues to respond to the feedback provided by ASIA members and conference attendees in the past to create a high quality program. As a result, the 2018 program will include multi-disciplinary sessions that provide content relevant to a wide variety of professionals in addition to multiple opportunities for networking in both informal and more formal settings.

In your downtime or if you bring along your family, you should consider visiting some of the nearby attractions in the city of Rochester including museums, theaters, museums, shopping, breweries, wineries, and restaurants. You could also enjoy the beautiful and well laid out hiking trails at the nearby Quarry Hill Nature Center. We look forward to providing you with a program full of cutting edge information. See you all in May!

Argyrios Stampas, MD                        Meegan Van Straaten, PT                        Heather Russell, PhD
    Program Chair                                    Co Vice Chair                                        Co Vice Chair


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